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Product Overview

Introducing the AquaFlow Plumbed-in Water Cooler, your reliable solution for continuous, quality water supply. This innovative water cooler is designed to offer convenience and efficiency, making it a perfect fit for both office and home environments. With its ability to connect directly to the mains water supply, the AquaFlow cooler provides an endless stream of fresh, filtered water in either hot and cold or cool and cold options.


  • Flexible Design: Choose between benchtop or floor-standing models to suit your space requirements.
  • Temperature Variants: Select from Hot & Cold or Cool & Cold models to cater to your drinking preferences.
  • Large Capacity: Features a HUGE 14.3L Cold Tank made of high-density polypropylene, ensuring durability, rust resistance, and ease of maintenance.
  • Safety Measures: Comes with NSF approved, durable polypropylene lever type taps with a self-closing design and fast flow. Includes a standard hot safety tap on hot/cold models.
  • Robust Construction: The cooler is encased in a sleek, Gloss Cloud White cabinet. The top and front panels are molded from UV-treated ABS, while the side panels are made from zinc-coated steel sheets, coated in polymer polyester resin for extra protection.


  • Cold Tank: 14.3-liter capacity, constructed from high-density polypropylene for toughness and ease of cleaning.
  • Hot Tank: 1.8-liter capacity, made from type 304 stainless steel with a 500-watt sheathed heater to ensure precise temperature control.
  • Taps: Equipped with NSF approved, durable polypropylene lever type taps featuring a self-closing design and fast flow. Hot safety tap is standard on hot/cold models.
  • Float Assembly: Incorporates a one-stage polyethylene float system to maintain water level and shut off when full.


    The AquaFlow Water Cooler must be installed in accordance with local plumbing laws. A certified Pressure Limiting Valve is required for installation, and failure to install one will void the warranty.


    • Cooling Capacity: Depending on room temperature, the cooler can dispense between 18 to 44 cups per hour at 10°C.
    • Heating Capacity: The hot tap can heat water to approximately 84 - 89°C.

    Shipping Weights & Dimensions:

    • Models: Available in different models with weights ranging from 16kg to 21kg.
    • Dimensions: All models have a width of 33cm and depth of 33cm, with heights varying between 70cm and 115cm depending on the model.


    The AquaFlow Plumbed-in Water Cooler comes with a 36 Month Comprehensive Warranty, providing full parts and labor coverage from the date of the original sale.

    Recommended Water Filter Parts & Replacements:

      8 Stage KDF Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

      8 stage water filter replacement cartridge

      The premium quality 8 stage KDF water filter replacement cartridge allows you have pure healthy alkaline filtered water at an affordable price. Our water filtration system offers a minimum 80% savings compared to bottled water.

      If you are using a FREESTANDING WATER COOLER in your home, office, or workplace, we recommend replacing the drinking water filter every six months.  Changing the water filter every six months will ensure optimum performance.

      Magnesium Prill Beads

       magnesium prill beads - ace water coolers

      Adding Magnesium Prill Beads to your freestanding water cooler dispenser benefits:

      • Magnesium prill water hydrates every cell in your body.
      • Supercharges your nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.
      • Increased oxidation-reduction potential lowers surface tension and makes the water a higher Ph than normal tap water, usually Ph9.4.
      • Improves digestion,
      • Makes your skin look amazing
      • Helps gradually reverse blood pressure, arthritis, aches, and pains.
      • Hydrates every cell in your body immediately.
      • Magnesium prill water is well structured and super energises the water that comes into contact with Magnesium Prill Beads.  This awesome water will enhance your nutrient absorption as well as eliminate toxins improving your daily health.  Magnesium Prill Beads reduce the effect of damaging free radicals in your body.

        Maifan Stone

        maifan stone

        • Maifan stones contain plenty of essential natural elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and selenium, and absorb a considerable amount of heavy metal ions. 
        • Enriched water for cooking or preparing tea or coffee will make it easy to enjoy all the benefits.
        • You can place it at the bottom of your water cooler bottle for all the benefits they offer.  
        • It contains other useful healthy metals and light materials, such as silicon, copper, molybdenum, and selenium.
        • Helps you to correct the pH of the water.
        • Ionized minerals and other elements can be easily assimilated by the body.
        • Replace every 12 months for pure filtered premium quality filtered alkaline water.

          Ceramic Dome Filter

          ceramic dome filter - ace water coolers

          • Pore diameter of 0.5 micron rating while most bacteria range from 0.5 to 1.0 micron in size.
          • Made of highly compressed premium quality ceramic material with diatomic properties.
          • Suitable for all of our Water Coolers & Water Purifiers.
          • REMOVES: impurities and volatile organic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.
          • TRAPS: dirt, sediment, contaminants, debris, cysts, and bacteria.
          • APPROXIMATE FLOW RATE of 1 litres every 1.5 hours – can take up to 24hrs to pass from the top bowl to the bottom bowl.
        We have an experienced team allowing us to provide ridiculously fast!

        within 1 – 5 days via Australia Post or Fastway couriers will deliver your Water cooler dispenser & water filter parts & accessories straight to your door!

        What is a Water cooler?

        A water dispenser, known as water cooler, is a machine that cools or heats up and dispenses water with a refrigeration unit.

        How much is a Water cooler?

        Our Ace Water Dispenser / Cooler prices usually vary on what type, we have option ranging from $110 which is our Alkaline Water Purifier, $495 for our Benchtop Hot and Cold-Water Cooler, $595 for our Freestanding Hot and Cold-Water Cooler and up to $695 for our Freestanding with Fridge and Bottleless Water Cooler. 

        Where to buy a water cooler?

        You can purchase through our website , we also have our sales agent to assist you Mondays to Fridays 9am to 5pm should you have other concerns and queries about our Water Coolers and Water filtration system and or email us at admin@acewatercoolers.com.au 

        How to easily install my new Water Cooler?

        Our water coolers and filters are designed for easy installation, though we also have authorized agents that can help you install your system being either a bottle type water cooler or on mains water supply.


        How to Clean a Water Cooler/Dispenser? 

        It is important to periodically clean and sanitize your bottled Water cooler/ dispenser and keeping the water clean is the most important part of maintaining your water cooler. Fortunately, washing your water cooler/dispenser requires only some time and water along with making sure that your water filter is being replaced. Recommended frequency of cleaning is once every 3 to 6 months.

        How to Filter Water?

        Access to clean and fresh water is fundamental to our health and wellbeing, and filtering our water is one way of ensuring that this can be achieved.

        Ace Water Coolers 8 stage KDF Water Filter replacement stores your tap water to a clean, great-tasting, mineralized and alkalised pure state. 

        We use KDF as a process media for filtration; it can greatly reduce contaminants in water using oxidation/reduction (redox) reactions. Moreover, they’re used in treatment applications in order to reduce heavy metal contamination, chlorine, and hydrogen sulphide.

        KDF is known to kill algae and fungi, control bacteria growth, and remove chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, rust, unpleasant taste and odour, hydrogen sulfide, iron, lead, nickel, chromium, cadmium, calcium, aluminum, mercury, arsenic, and other organic compounds.

        8 Stage KDF Water Filters stages:

        1. Primary Filter Felt Pads – Acts like a silt pad removing rust and sediment particles suspended in the taps.

        2. KDF – Assists the next stage (activated carbon) to remove chlorine, organic matter & heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury & arsenic.

        3. Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine, organic sediment as well as the bad smells & taste associated with chlorine used in town water.

        4. Mineralised Balls – These natural minerals derived from natural clay’s adding back valuable minerals to the body. Examples of these minerals are iron, zinc, lithium, magnesium, potassium & iodine.

        5. Mineral Coralite Balls – Slow-release minerals mostly calcium is released into the water over time.

        6. Activated Carbon – An additional finer granular layer of activated carbon making alkaline water.

        7. Mineralised Balls – Finer grade of stage 4 above.

        8. Ceramic Plate – Final stage of filtration that has the potential to remove some forms of bacteria. 

        Do Water Filters Remove Fluoride?

        Many different types of filters are available to consumers. Determining which type is most appropriate for you—or whether you need a filter at all—depends on what functions you want a filter to provide. No filter eliminates all contaminants, so understanding what filters do and do not do is important.

        One of the most effective ways to remove fluoride is using our Fluoride Ceramic Water Filter Dome this product that does eliminates 97% Fluoride which is compatible with all of our premium quality water filtration systems.It removes virtually all impurities including chlorine and lasts up to 12 months. The Fluoride Ceramic Water Filter Dome elements have been tested in accordance with NSF protocols for cyst, turbidity, particulates, lead, chloramines, and chlorine reduction.  

        What is Filtered Water?

        Filtered water is considered to be the safest form of drinking water, It is your regular tap water which has been filtered. There are various ways in which you can filter water.

        Ace Water Coolers uses 8 Stage Water Filter in restoring your tap water to a clean, great-tasting, mineralized and alkalised pure state.  Firstly, every water drop drips through our famous class leading 8 Stage KDF Water Filter system.  Secondly, our water filters clean and infuses your water with earth-derived natural minerals.  Over all, it’s the perfect solution for home water filters or office water dispensers.

        Can I use filtered water instead of distilled water?

        Distillation is an old method, which begins by heating water to its boiling point. It removes these impurities through boiling and evaporation. Some find that it has a flat taste. Though both distilled and filtered water can achieve similar levels of purity, the methods are fundamentally different. Research suggests that filtered water, which can remove most harmful and toxic contaminants, is better for you than distilled water. This is because distilled water lacks the useful minerals typically found in drinking water.

        Do Water Coolers filter water?

        Ace Water Coolers provide easy access to clean and filtered water.It performs functions like filtering water using the 8 Stage Water Filtration System, heating water, or cooling water This is the perfect solution if you are seeking pure filtered alkaline mineral water at an affordable price for your homes, offices or other public places 

        Turns tap water into alkaline water

        • Fluoride reduction
        • Removes all heavy metals
        • Adds natural minerals
        • Removes chlorine in town water
        • Removes all bad taste and smell
        • BPA FREE